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Have you had experiences that have no explanation except for something spiritual? Maybe you have had a unexplained ringing in your ears, lucid dreams – maybe you have seen spirits in your house. Are you searching for an explanation that makes sense of it all?

At, we focus on the paranormal and supernatural, especially beings from other realms and dimensions.

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If you are in tune with your spirituality, then you know that there is more than meets the eye. What is unseen may be greater than what is physically seen – but how many are aware of this? Open up your awareness of the realities that surround you when you partake in this HotConflict online video series – Unseen Worlds. In this series, you will learn to expand your consciousness of the multi-dimensional nature of being – becoming aware of other races of beings that co-exist with us, who are ‘hidden’ from our normal senses. The truth is stranger than fiction – if you want to know and understand the mysteries of different realms, beings, and dimensions, you must watch this extraordinary series.

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Ascension Blue Ray Masters

1. Introduction to Lightworkers
2. Pattern of Twelve
3. Root Races Twelve
4. Cain and Abel
5. Mark of Cain
6. LOST Intro to Story Telling
7. LOST the Incident
8. Law of Prime Directive
9. Time of Noah
10. After the Flood

11. Abraham Sun Rises in the West
12. Moses Merkaba
13. Jesus the Last Supper
14. Family of Light
15. Ascension of Muhammad
16. Ascension of Earth
17. Migration to the New World
18. Chakra Merkaba
19. Sacred Hajj
20. Warning Challenge

Online Series:12Hr.

Read what others have had to say about Hot-Conflict’s series:

“I am on the Unseen Worlds video series. I was apprehensive at first, concerned about taking in information in my heart from a source other than directly from the source (reading Quran). I have found though, your story has become like a preface. It has given me a more broad understanding to this puzzle, which, on my own resource, could never have pieced together but have always felt the great need to complete. Thank you for helping me piece this great puzzle and to understanding. Many miraculous things have happened in a short amount of time for me -things that a few months ago, I could never fathom. For me it started with 1111.
God bless your heart for helping me find my way, I appreciate the guidance and longed for understanding.
 Salam alaikum.
 Your sister.” -Tami M.

“I’ve been watching all your videos about the Unseen Worlds and I must say that it opened my eyes, not only about the World, but also about Islam. I hope you are making something new, I’ll be waiting! I like the way you talk and the way you explain so clearly. We need more people like you and I wish you had more people watching your videos to wake them up. Thank you” -S.

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