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Most Comprehensive Online Training Courses to Protect Yourself from negative dark energies, demons, satan, Alien Jinn Influence.

Best Online Training Courses for Understanding the Truth Behind the Djinn Alien Dark Agenda Members get immediate access to the most comprehensive online audio and video training courses for discovering evidence for UFOs and alien disclosure. Members will learn about aliens and space, report on aliens, and news on UFOs. We answer questions like, “What is a UFO?” What are UFOs – are they a part of the paranormal phenomena, plaguing mankind throughout history? Members will understand that there is an alien jinn connection (are they one and the same?) and these entities have existed before mankind. The jinn in Islam are mentioned in Surah Jinn (Surah al Jinn) and jinn stories are well-known by Muslims. Jinn are known in the West as genie, but Members will learn that there are real jinn. Jinn genie is not just a myth and fairytale. The jinn do interact with humans and they are behind alien abductions – sometimes their interactions spawn alien hybrids. Members will learn of the secret agenda of the alien jinn – what do they want with mankind and how do we protect ourselves? Find out about the World of Jinn Now by signing up today and getting full access to all our online video series as a Member!


What is UFO?Evidence for UFOs

You have heard of aliens, creatures or beings from other planets. The strange lights in the sky are now known to us as UFOs – unidentified flying objects. Mankind seems to be lagging behind the aliens in technology. You have also heard of genies – in stories like 1001 Arabian Nights – Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. Genies could be likened to fairies and other fantasy story beings. Though, you may have not heard of the jinn – the Arabic word for “genie”. Jinn are well-known in the Muslim world and in the East.The world of the jinn is just unfolding on those in the West.


Jinn Genie

alien abduction and alien hybrids

Can You Protect Yourself from Alien Abduction?

Aliens are thought to have advanced technology – like spacecraft that can travel speeds and distances unknown to man. They also are thought to have cloaking technology. Jinn are beings that are present with us here on Earth, but they are inter-dimensional beings as well – making themselves invisible or visible. So, could man’s idea of an alien really be a type of jinn??? The fantasy “genie” is a reality called “jinn” – here is a merging of ancient tradition and futuristic dreaming – we are not alone! We have never been alone, for that matter. The truth is out there!

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The Vengeful Djinn
Vengeful Djinn Hidden Agenda of Genies

As a Member, you get full access to our online audio course on the book The Vengeful Djinn. The Vengeful Djinn, Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno, is a ground-breaking presentation on the mysterious djinn, or jinn – available for the first time to a Western audience. The book is based on a number of sources, such as the Quran, Hadith (Sahih Bukhari), and quantum physics in describing the origins of the the Djinn, where to find them (interdimensional entry points), types of jinn, and what they want with humans. The book also discusses the connection between djinn, extraterrestrials, shadow people, fairies and demons. It also brings up the involvement of governments and military conspiracy in acquiring Djinn technology. This Members-Only exclusive course covers the book with full audio explanation, giving listeners a complete understanding of the Jinn and the Jinn Hidden Agenda. The Vengeful Djinn course is an on-going audio course and is essential in your Path of Disclosure.

jinn genie world of jinn

Jinn Stories Genie of the Magic Lamp

Types of Jinn

So, who are the jinn and what do they want with us? Jinn are of different species and kinds. Some are bound to certain areas and are not very mobile, like forests or waters. Some jinn are mobile and are able to fly like the wind, maybe even being able to travel high up into the skies and space. Different jinn possess different powers as well – an ifreet is known to be one of the stronger types of jinn. Their lifespan may be much greater than that of man, on the order of centuries, not years.  

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The World of Jinn and Devils
The World of the Jinn and Devils

The World of Jinn and Devils online audio course is a perfect companion to the Vengeful Djinn course. The World of Jinn and Devils is a book by Dr. Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar that covers very important topics like the identity of the Jinn, their capabilities, and weapons of the believers in the spiritual war with malevolent jinn – satan. The book goes into detail about the creation of the jinn, their names and types, their spouses and tribes, and their homes or residences. It goes further on to discuss the spiritual war and enmity between man and satan, including the short-term and long-term goals of satan, satan’s soldiers, and his plots in misleading mankind. The World of Jinn and Devils addresses issues such as jinn shapeshifting, seances and conjuring spirits, jinn knowledge of the unseen and future events, as well as the jinn – UFO connection. The last parts of the book tell us how we can protect ourselves in this spiritual battle with malevolent jinn and the wisdom behind the creation of satan. This HotConflict Members-Only exclusive audio course goes through the book The World of Jinn and Devils with complete commentary and explanation for the first time to a Western audience. Get access to this unique, ground-breaking coverage of the World of the Jinn and Devils to gain a full understanding of the reality and your purpose in life. Join Now and get access to this and all our other series! The World of the Jinn and Devils is an on-going online audio series.

jinn pictures types of jinn

Could there be a Connection With the Jinn and…

  • Shadowpeople
  • MothMen
  • Fairies
  • Dragons
  • Aliens

  • Humanoids
  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Ghosts
  • Spirits

Learn to be a Spiritual Warrior in the Battle of Light and Dark. Not all Jinn or Aliens are the enemy. How do you Discern?
Members Get Access To:
Story of Truth
Story of Truth

As a Member, you get full access to our online video series the Story of Truth. The Story of Truth is a key, fundamental series before viewing our other series as you start your Alien Jinn Connection Disclosure. In this series, we open with the conflict between Adam and satan. In the Islamic text, the myth or legends relating to Reptilian Shapeshifters begins in the court of Angels. This is where Lucifer, the ancient djinn leads the dark rebellion against mankind. This series goes through each of the Messengers of Light and how they personally dealt with the covert manipulation of the Alien enemy false overlords ruling this planet. Upon completion of this series, students are able to sense the presence of other beings. The Story of Truth series is over 17 hours of online video content and is essential in your Disclosure Journey.

jinn and magic jinn possession

Jinn Possession and Exorcism are Real!

Islam and Jinn

In Islam, the Quran mentions the jinn as being made of smokeless fire. The devil, or Satan, in Islam is a jinn, not a fallen angel. Jinns have free will, like man. As such, there are benevolent jinn and there are malevolent jinn, just as there are good people and bad people. It is also taught in Islam that the devils from the jinn try to influence man to perform evil. Jinn can also at times possess people, making them “insane.” Exorcism may be prescribed as a cure due to these possessions.

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Unseen Worlds
Unseen Worlds

The Unseen Worlds is a perfect sequel to the Story of Truth. In the Unseen Worlds series, Members learn about the Dark’s attack on Cain and Abel. The War between Jinns and Mankind is addressed. The concept of 12 Alien Root Races and the reality of jinn human intermixing and hybrid human alien blood is discussed. This series covers the darkness of the Hidden Agenda of the Dark in depth – their negative off-world and on-world Djinn UFO Cabal connection that the government denies, such as Majestic 12 Twelve. We also reveal the importance of sacred locations and the interaction with alien beings in Islam. Viewers will have a complete grasp of the Subtle Energy that can be sensed from the Unseen Realms. Join Now and get access to this and all our other series! The Unseen Worlds is a 12 hour online video series.

shapeshifters in Native American myths and legends

Reptilian Shapeshifters Djinn Myths & Legends

Jinns in Islam

Prophet Muhammad has taught the Muslims about the Jinn. Jinn have the ability to not only possess a human, but they can manipulate man with mind control and cause types of illness and annoyances, like sleep paralysis. There are many narrations from prophet Muhammad about the types of jinn and how certain jinn can be shapeshifters, taking on animal forms, like black dogs or reptiles. Mediums may not be consulting with a deceased’s spirit, but may instead be communicating with jinn, who can impersonate the dead. Psychics also may have contact with the jinn to find out information that man is not aware of. Magicians also may be in consultation with the jinn in order perform superhuman feats. Learn more about the Unseen World of the Jinn at HotConflict! Become a Member Today!

dr seuss books by dr seuss

Dr. Seuss Wocket in My Pocket & the Jinn

Did Dr Seuss know about other dimensional beings? Was Dr Seuss writing his children’s books with an inner meaning, not always apparent to all? What is the meaning and wisdom behind Dr Seuss books? How about the wisdom behind this book – There’s A Wocket in My Pocket? Firstly, Dr Seuss narrates the story from the viewpoint of a young boy, a child. Children have commonly been known to be pure and innocent, therefore they are able to connect with the spiritual realm with greater ease than adults. Could it be that this boy has the ability to connect to other dimensions paralleling his own in his home? Islam teaches of interdimensional beings called the “jinn” or “djinn” – which are of different races. Read more about Dr. Seuss and the jinn in There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!

Vengeful Djinn Course
World of the Jinn and Devils
Story of Truth
Unseen Worlds
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