The Sunnah Series – Introduction Traditional Creed of Muslims Faith and Islam

What is the Sunnah?

We constantly are told that there are no Muslims to speak out. We are told there is a lack of real information about the religion of Islam, like there are some strange secrets that the Muslim people are hiding.

Nothing can be further from the truth. 

The Sunnah Series – Introduction

Traditional Creed Way Path of the Prophet Muhammad.
(peace and blessing be upon him)

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Sunnah Intro
Introduction Traditional Creed of Muslims Faith and Islam
Sunnah Part 1Islam is the Sunnah Establish the Faith Creed
Sunnah Part 2
Islam is Clinging on to the Jamaah Faithful
Sunnah Part 3
Companions are the Foundation of Ahlus Sunah
wal Jamaa’h Faithful
Sunnah Part 4
Umar ibn al-Khattaab Clear Proof of Islam’s Truth
Sunnah Part 5
Adhering to the Understanding of the Companions
Sunnah Part 6
Innovations in Religion Fire Misguidance Bidah
Sunnah Part 7
Beware of Small Innovations in Religion
Sunnah Part 8
Cling to Narration from Companions of the Prophet
Sunnah Part 16
Mystery Secret Believers See Allah in Paradise Afterlife
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“Al-Barbaharee was a Sunni Islamic theologian from Iraq. In the midst of growing innovations and heresies, he was widely known for being severely harsh against the people of innovations or bidah. His books are peppered with stinging remarks that place the Shias, Qadaris, Mu’tazilis and Asharis in an extremely negative light. His concern for preserving the Sunnah, lead him to become increasingly outspoken in his later years, and ultimately led him in trouble with the authorities. He is often remembered by Salafi Sunnis as a staunch defender of Tawheed, and as one who passionately advocated that the viewpoint of the Sahaba or the companions of Muhammad, are a decisive authority when interpreting texts rather than contemporary laymen.” (Wikipedia)

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