Stories of the Prophets DAY 34. Holon of Ascension Merkaba Light Grid Kaaba Chakra

Stories of the Prophets

DAY 34

Stories of the Prophets is a videos series.  Listen to the explanation of how each family member in the Family of Light was sent with a purpose to enlighten YOU! 

Light Souls: YOUR Return to the Heavens

Story of Truth pt 101 Download Memory Trigger Mnemonics Manifest Source Prime Creator

Story of Truth pt 102 Knowing Light Grid Central Cube MerKaba Kaaba Proof Holon of Ascension

Story of Truth pt 103 Black Holes Center Galaxy Gravity Dark Time Clockwise

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Once viewers have watched all the stories they will
begin to experience supernatural ability and have an intuitive sense of
the unseen world. Take the journey.

The Unseen World

Unseen Worlds


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Saleem Siddiqui is a Political Commentator, Public Speaker, Actor
and Consultant. He is a trained
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Specialist. He conducts sermons and training for various religious and
Nonprofit organizations. Working with effort to increase Muslim and
Islamic awareness in Communications, Public Relations (PR), Public
Speaking, Political Strategy, Media, Marketing, and many  other fields
as they relate to the integration of Muslims in the United States of
America and around the world.

Saleem Siddiqui has undergrad degrees in Arabic and religion from
the Middle East and attended Law School in Houston,Texas. He has
consulted with the FBI and testified on behalf of the District Attorney
of Virginia on cases relating to National Security and “The War on