What is the Renaissance?

HotConflict presents a series of videos and audio on developing a new Renaissance. The process of creating a Renaissance mindset is designed to take an individual and help them understand the world around us. With the advent of the internet and new social media technologies, there is an abundance of information and massive amounts of cultural activity online.

This Video blog Series explores various ideas of a Renaissance Mindset.

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Renaissance Series pt 1
Introduction to the Clash of Civilization

Ren 1.
Renaissance Series pt 2
Introduction to Communication and Change
Ren 2.
Renaissance Series pt 3
Discussing Death Destruction and War
The Aftermath of 9/11

Ren. 3
Renaissance Series pt 4
How to become a Change Super Agent!
Ren. 4
Renaissance Series pt 5
Leadership Beliefs: The ACTION Mindset

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