President Karzai meets Chuck Hagel after claims U.S. Military colluding with Taliban, conspiring with terrorists in Afghanistan. End War !

Tensions increase in Wardak province Eastern Afghanistan, with two U.S. soldiers dead inside a police headquarters

There have been a series of recent insider operations targeting Americans in Afghanistan after 12 long years of bloody war. The frequency of so-called Green on Blue attacks are so common that the press has almost ignored them. Something different happened today. WATCH VIDEO BELOW!

Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan told the US soldiers to leave that area and gave them a deadline.

Wardak AfghanistanThe deadline passed and then the attack occurred the next day.

The  deadline for U.S. troops to leave the area was totally ignored by the US military. The disregard for the deadline, as well as numerous other issues, has been increasing the turmoil and tension in Afghanistan. It may have led to President Karzai to have a rare moment of speaking out against the U.S. government, the very government that has placed him into office.

Claims of Torture and extra-judicial killing are rampant in certain areas of Wardak and many other tribal areas. What do you think about the use of drones in the War on Terror? CLICK HERE for an analysis of the Drone War! Questions of why and how long the U.S. public can continue to support the military actions are not even discussed because of the so-called withdrawal date that has been set in the future.

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When people are dying, NOW is the time to make a decision. Not the future.

According to the general population in Afghanistan, they may not love the Taliban, but they definitely do not want to be ruled by America. U.S. and NATO forces are being seen as occupiers and an invading force with large army bases and so-called “Green zones”. Green on Blue friendly soldiers have been turning against the U.S. military – planting bombs or killing themselves so as to send the message that they want the U.S. military to leave.

Counter terrorism pursuit teamU.S. Military are seen as occupiers, meaning that America is in the role of the Great Colonial Super Power, forcing its “Divine” will on all others.  Have you heard of the CPT –  Counter-terrorism Pursuit Team? They are the type of group that FX would make a TV show about – Bad Ass Military Dudes that go do jobs no one else wants to do. President Karzai apparently does not want them there doing it either. His deadline was to try to show his own people that he has some limited type of sovereign control over his own country. Unfortunately the deadline went ignored and therefore, the obvious stance of Karzai was totally ignored, causing a debasing effect on his political morale at home.

And they call the Muslims Extreme!

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Hamid Karzai is an ally of the U.S. and wants to work with them. It is obvious that he would not exist without the support of the U.S. government. The U.S. placed him there in the Bush years and now he has actually gotten to the point of speaking out against them.He wanted control back of Bagram prison and the U.S. is rejecting giving over command authority. Then, there are claims that the authority will be given, but the U.S. will retain the decision over who is a High Value Target and can therefore NOT be released.

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Afghan Army vs Taliban? No fight!

Analysts generally agree that no matter what is going on, when we leave the Afghan army to themselves, they will not be able to stand up to the rag tag team of bandits know as the Taliban. Somehow, even after all this time and training, the Afghan Military cannot do what needs to be done against those who openly call themselves Mujahideen. It is a very old lesson. It was learned by the British and then again by the Soviets and now the U.S. government has engaged the mountain warriors and Lions of Afghanistan for twelve long years. The longest military engagement in US history. Still No Go ?!

U.S. government Military in collusion and collaborating with the Taliban

talibanIs it possible that there is apart of the military that wants to keep the war engine going? I thought it was assumed that the military always promotes war. That is why in the Bush years and in the Republican campaign it always seemed strange that the military decisions would be left with the generals. These are for the people and under the order of the Commander-in-Chief. The President should lead on Peace and change all over the globe.To be aware of the threat of the Military Industrial Complex is something that has been obvious since President Eisenhower.

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Even after all the illegal activity and Bribery to family, friends, and the long-lost Afghan cousins, still Karzai speaks out! With corruption, bribery,  and drugs  in Karzai’s family, you would think he could stay silent. Yet even with all this, he found himself unable to hold his tongue and had to openly discuss the ultimate betrayal – That the U.S. does not want to leave! Please proceed to exit at your earliest convenience.

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Please Proceed Mister President.

End the Never Ending War

Formal Peace talks.


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