Obama Tells NASA to Improve relations with Muslims to create better Space program. WHY?

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The President of the United States Barack Obama issued new orders to NASA to change their position towards space exploration with the Muslim world. No one in the West can figure out why. The Right wing is totally flummoxed.

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The truth is about to become well-known to many individuals that the universe is full of life. YES, there are many Muslims, out there. SURPRISE!

However, the new intergalactic law is being made clear on this Earth. No longer will the governments be allowed to explore outer space with the current conditions on the planet.

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O ye assembly of Jinns,
And Men! If it be
Ye can pass beyond
The zones of the heavens
And the earth, pass ye!
Not without authority
Shall ye be able to pass!
The Quran Rahman (Most Merciful)


“That is verse 33 for all you Master Masons of the Blue Lodge. Tell the Worshipful Masters of the West that they should check with the Masters of the East.”–Master Mason Gray Lodge 329

Are you aware of the Galactic Federation? Who are the Earth Allies?

If you want to understand the deep meaning of the mysteries of the Universe, You need a Muslim. Start with the Stories of the Prophets and then work your way through the Unseen. If you are a member of any government organization and have realized the truth, I am here to serve.


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