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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

Join us Thursday Midnight, 12 AM EST – Call in to get your questions and comments on the Air! Tonight, we will be discussing the interdimensional beings known as the jinn, or djinn (another way to spell it, similar to the spelling of “Django”). In the West, they are well-known by the term “genie”, taken from the Arabic word “jinn”. “Jinn” means “hidden” – they are entities that share our world, but are able to live in other dimensions that we cannot perceive. The jinn have been known since the ancient times in the Middle East and many take their existence as very real. In other parts of the world, they may be known by other names and terms, such as shapeshifters, shadow people, aliens, and UFOs. They are a race more ancient than the humans, sometimes having longer lifetimes and supernatural abilities.Call in to discuss the paranormal and supernatural world of the jinn! What do they want from us? Can jinn possess humans – are exorcisms real? Should we fear the jinn? How do we protect ourselves from malevolent jinn? Also, we will be discussing mixing of bloodlines – such as in the current popular movies series – Twilight, specifically the new movie, Breaking Dawn. What about the story of Frankenstein and creation – a type of a modern-day Prometheus – a part of the well-known Alien movie series.  Find out all this and more – Listen to the show, follow our shows & follow us on Facebook and Twitter (handle: HotConflict)!

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