J J Abrams Picks Muslim to be Captain Kirk in New Star Trek Film

Captain’s B-Log 

(HotConflict Date 10.900)

Well, obviously that has not happened. J J Abrams, the new director of the latest Star Trek film, has not put a Muslim in as Captain James T. Kirk. As a matter of fact, he has not even let the actor William Shatner, who originally played the character, to be in the film. There was talk of Shatner making an appearance, as Leonard Nimoy has already signed on to appear in the film. Nimoy will be reprising his role as the Vulcan alien Spock.

I have been wondering what it would be like to get a Muslim to play captain of the Enterprise. Star Trek has always been on the cutting edge of race relations and gender taboos. The crew on the deck of Enterprise had a Russian, Chekov. There was a Japanese engineer, Sulu and a Swahili African communications officer, Uhura. Not to mention the fact that the main science officer was an alien from the planet Vulcan!

Even with all of that, is it too difficult to include a Muslim on the Enterprise? Imagine having the new Enterprise led by a Muslim. The current world conflict, as is portrayed to us, is between Islam and the West. America has always been able to bridge gaps, spreading her ideals by pop culture. Star Trek is the essence of  American pop-culture. The original Star Trek and the character of James T. Kirk are iconic.

Imagine having a Muslim, who represents Islam in a positive light, in the Captain’s chair. It would have to be someone who understands the conflict going on in the religious world. Someone who can be a shining example of change. Someone who has confidence and a strong moral character. The captain of the Enterprise is someone who has such a deep understanding of people and nations. Having a Muslim who can easily communicate the differences between religions, people, nation, cultures.

Where do you find a person who can discuss the differences in theology, while also being well versed in foreign policy? Someone who can negotiate with different cultures in the world, while also understanding the prime directive of non-interference with the development of other planets.

Are there any Muslims in the US who are able to pull off the role as Captain of the USS Enterprise?

God, I hope so!

Listen to this audio of a show I did relating to Islam and Star Trek.

Analysis: Star Trek – Spectre of the Gun
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Well, in reality, the new Kirk has just been chosen. His name is Chris Pine. Here is a picture of the old crew and the new actors that will portray them.

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