Halloween In Islam: Jinns Demons Satan Exorcism Spiritual and Supernatural

Lately I have notice that a lot of television shows are dealing with the Supernatural. This week is Halloween in the Unites States and many people always ask about letting kids go out in costumes to get candy. Well in the US, Americans don’t really care about the meanings of their holidays. The purpose of many holidays are turned into commercial opportunities to make sales and increase spending.
Halloween  Pop-Culture Show
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Americans will be spending a ridiculous amount on Halloween. According to some analysts, Halloween generates over $7 Billion in retail sales, with the average household spending $20 bucks on candy and up to $40 for costumes. Some people even get costumes for their pets!

Regardless of this fact, many religious conservatives look at Halloween as a time of Demons and Spirits. Muslims have generally tried to encourage their kids to avoid this holiday. It is not because of some arcane religious belief, but that there is no need for kids to get all dressed up as monsters. Islam does not prohibit candy or happiness. To most kids Halloween does not represent the worship of Satan or Jinns, it does represent candy and happiness!

As always we teach our kids to be careful of taking things from strangers and not to eat anything that looks weird or strange. This same concept of talking to your kids about Satan, Demons and the world of the supernatural is something that all parents should do.

Is it necessary to prohibit your  children from going out in costumes and getting candy from their neighbors in the name of Islam? I don’t think so. There maybe many who disagree with me from a fundamentalist religious doctrinal point of view. Even though I am an adult, I would like to think that I can still see the issue from the point of view of the kids.

Halloween is about Candy and Happiness!

Let’s not make the world more complicated than it already is.

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