Disclosure of Covert Secret Drone War Guidelines by President Obama to Lawmakers Defense of Killing Americans

Drone War Rationale Killing U.S. Citizens in War on Terror

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Tonight we will be discussing the rationale and justification of using drone unmanned aircraft vehicles as a method of war, as is used by the United States in the current War on Terror. Are drone strikes ethical and legal? In using uav drones, civilians are threatened and are also killed in drone strikes, creating issues of blowback – retaliation and inciting of hatred and revenge against the U.S. The U.S. government even targets American citizens in drone strikes, like Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born cleric killed in Yemen in 2011 due to involvement in Al-Qaeda. This has led to increased questioning by Congressional oversight committees as well as civil liberties groups, as to the rationale for killing of American citizens. Public attention is now being brought to the clandestine War on Terror in which President Obama has the power to assassinate whoever is on the kill list without oversight. Can Obama be likened to Nimrod who claimed he had the power to grant life and death? The White House claims drone strikes target citizens posing an ‘immenent threat’ and that this method is ethical and legal. Some points for discussion:

  • Drone War Ethics and justification of assassination and torture of American citizens
  • What is the difference between terrorism and jihad?
  • Who are the ‘Islamist fighters’, as in Mali, Africa; who are mujahideen?
  • Zero Dark Thirty and Osama bin Laden

Call in to get your questions and comments on the air. What do you think is justified in the name of war? Are drone strikes, that target civilians and citizens, ethical? Feb. 7, 2013

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Disclosure of Covert Secret Drone War
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