Disclosure Announcement Statement The Muslim Brotherhood and The Nation of Islam Age of Ascension

Muslim Brotherhood


The world is changing around us. We have been experiencing natural and social upheavals in such a rapid succession of time. What do these change mean? How will these changes affect us? Are we headed for a brighter future?


Message to the President of the United States and Master Masons in America

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  • 2012 and the Mayan Calendar
  • Sun Setting in the West, Poles Shifts
  • The School of Ancient Mystery
  • Aliens Jinns UFO’s
  • Disclosure and Ascension
  • Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch
  • Alien Abduction, Greys and Cattle Mutilation



We discuss all kinds of subjects. Listen to the ideas of Disclosure and Ascension from an Islamic point of view. How does it compare to what you have heard elsewhere? Does it resonate with Light? Discernment is the Final test. Check out the site, there is a lot of audio and video content available, with exclusive content in our Members Only Section!


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