Want to Know How to Attain Physical Ascension Without Death?

Have you wondered what awaits you after life – on the other side? Does death worry or frighten you? What if you could have a guarantee that life after death is better than this life? What if you could be certain of what awaits you? At Hot-Conflict.com, we prepare you for the transition into the next reality. We focus on the phenomenon of ascension and bypassing the calamities that some may face. Ascension means physical and spiritual ascension into the Heavens without death, like that experienced by Jesus, peace be upon him. Become a Member today and join the ranks of others who are preparing for the True Life!

Ascension- the process of raising high- how do we achieve this individually and collectively on a global level? Or on a galactic, universal level? Get ready to expand your conscious awareness even further in this online video series which discusses physical ascension without death. The process of ascension may be hard to grasp, yet it has been achieved by previous Messengers and Ascended Masters. If you wish to learn about the process of change known as ascension, you have come to the right place! Learn about the purpose of life and the adventures that await us when we open ourselves up to the transformational process of ascension that will be experienced by everyone on the planet at some point. Get this series now and fasten your ascension seat belts as we take the rides of our lives!

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Ascension Blue Ray Masters

1 Ascended Masters
2 Expression and Communication

Online Video Series:2.5 Hours

Read what others have had to say about Hot-Conflict’s series:

“As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Greetings of peace to you, akhi Saleem. Mashallah, I’ve watched the Story of Truth, the Unseen Worlds, and the Ascension series and liked them very much. It’s good to know that there are still brothers who see the “full picture”. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala increase all of our knowledge and wisdom, so we can enter a new Age of Enlightenment. Keep up the good work brother. JazakAllah khair. Greetings of peace from your brother in humanity and in deen.” -Nigel

“Thank you so much for your video series. I have been searching for the truth since a child, as I watched your videos I realized that I was Born Knowing the truth. My parent’s beliefs and Catholic schooling left me confused and isolated. This lead me to look towards many different sources for the light. All my efforts to find truth seemed to harden me. I felt as if there was no truth. During the many hours of watching you speak, I remembered what I always have known. God Bless You for your dedication and energy! You are truly a lightworker!” -Julia

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