Belief in Angels Gabriel and the Fallen Jinns Nephalim in Islam

One of the most interesting issues that always is a matter of debate is the role of Angels in society.

Common to all major religion is the idea that the Lord Almighty has sent Angels to communicate with mankind. Muslim believe that there is only One God. We call Him by the name Allah and He is the same God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jesus, and all the prophets from the Lord.

We know that Gabriel the Angel came to reveal the Quran to the Prophet Muhammed, the last messenger of God.

Listen to this conversation about Angels from an Islamic point of view.
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In this show we discuss:

  • Origin of Angels and the Jinn
  • The Articles of Faith in Islam
  • The Concept of Fallen Angels

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With a special segment on the controversial subject of the Nephalim or Children of Fallen Angels according to Christianity.

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