Battlestar Galactica BSG Razor: War Terrorism Jihad and Homosexuality

Finally. Battlestar Galactica Razor.

If you are a science fiction Sci-Fi fan you have probably heard of the new Battlestar Galactica TV Show.Like many fans of the show, I was waiting anxiously to get any kind of BSG fix! Razor does not disappoint.

It was a amazing to see how well the writers did with the script. It does make you think that the writer’s strike does have some merit.Razor gives the fans enough of the old school BSG, talking about fate, destiny and the Jihad between the Cylons and the humans, while still bringing in a new story of Kendra Shaw.

You can listen to the live  Pop-Culture Radio show about BSG Razor –
Discussing how War Terrorism and Pop-culture converge from the Islamic view.

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