Attraction and Seduction: Muslim Girls Dating Marriage with Christian Jews White Boys

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One of the Most common concerns is that Muslims are perceived to treat their women poorly. Although it may be true that the conditions of women in many, if not all Muslim countries is terrible, it is not because of Islam that the condition exists.

The role of the mother in the Islamic society which ties in directly to the role of women and the place of social interaction is a complex issue.

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Here I talk about the following trending issues

  • Laws of Attraction
  • Art of Seduction
  • The Game
  • The Pick Up Artist PUA

VH-1 has recently done a reality show titled The Pick Up Artist with Mystery as the host.

Romance as a part of the natural interaction between the sexes is discussed in Islam. Recently there has been a religious element in the Muslim community who have led the general public to believe that affection and romance are not part of the Muslim vernacular. This is not true.

Romance is the Sunnah

Here in the west the divorce rates amongst Muslim couples is starting to increase, becoming similar to the general majority. The long term ramifications to the foundation of family upbringing for the next generation will have substantial consequences.

How do Muslim Men learn to become REAL MEN and not boys?

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Find out about the Mysteries of the Kaaba. What is so important about Mecca and the Hajj Pilgrimage.

What is PEACOCK Theory ?

Alternative Careers for Muslims To Stop Terror and Win the War of Ideology in Islam

Using Technology Internet Social Networks Trends To Understand People, the World

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