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Ascension Blue Ray Masters: discusses spiritual masters with the Blue Ray. Members start to gain spiritual awareness & begin to sense physical signs of exposure to the Blue Ray.2.5 hours online video! CLICK HERE

Mysteries of Seven: Members gain spiritual inspiration as well as knowledge about the concept of 7 in the physical trials you go through for spiritual transformation. 4 Hour online video! CLICK HERE

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Lions: Available to Members Only, we discuss the struggles of Rainbow Warriors. Many members have felt spiritual renewal and physical changes in LION Heart activation. 13 hour audio and video! CLICK HERE

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The Ascension is an event that has begun – 2012 Ascension marked a new dawn for spiritual growth and spiritual awakening. Have you begun to experience ascension symptoms?What did the Mayans know about the Cycles of Change, Spiritual Transformation and Spiritual renewal?CLICK HERE Members get immediate access to the most comprehensive online audio and video training courses for discovering your true purpose in life, achieving peace and physical Ascension.YOU have the ability to Ascend. Your fifth dimensional body awaits activation. CLICK HERE

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Members get immediate access to online audio and video training courses for evidence of UFOs and alien disclosure. Members will understand that there is an alien jinn connection and these entities have existed before mankind. Members will learn of the secret agenda of the alien djinn. CLICK HERE

If you are new to Islam, know that you are not a “convert” – because that implies you have changed your state to a new one. This is not the case, as we know all humans begin the way the Creator intended them to be. You are a “revert” – reverting back to the true nature of acknowledging One Creator. CLICK HERE

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The World of the Jinn and Devils Audio Course : Learn the Secret Mystery School Teachings of the Djinn Deception the Most Comprehensive Online Training Courses to Protect Yourself from negative dark energies, demons, satan, Alien Jinn Influence.

Get Alien Disclosure and learn about the Alien-Jinn Connection

The Vengeful Jinn Audio Course: Discover the Mysteries Behind First Contact and Ancient Alien Encounters throughout History – Evidence of UFOs!

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The Whiteboard Series: This series utilizes images and pictures to discuss important topics like sacred geometry, divine masculine and feminine, and the flower of life.

What is the Way of the Messenger? Find out what is the Sunnah!

The Sunnah Series:This series is ongoing – discussing the points of the “Explanation of Creed” by esteemed Imam al-Barbahaaree. The points of the book are gems in the understanding of the Sunnah, or traditions, of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Dr Seuss Online Book Reading Wocket in My Pocket Full Text and Review

What is the meaning and wisdom behind Dr Seuss books? How about the wisdom behind this book – There’s A Wocket in My Pocket? Could it be that this boy has the ability to connect to other dimensions paralleling his own in his home? Islam teaches of interdimensional beings called the “jinn” or “djinn” – which are of different races. Because the jinn are able to travel through different dimensions, they are usually invisible to us even though they can see us. The jinn are sometimes able to make themselves visible to us. Watch There’s a Wocket in My Pocket Read Aloud by HotConflict! CLICK HERE!

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Listen Online Radio – Past Shows:

Fractured Catholic Church Vatican Smokescreen

Title: Vatican Secrets : After Pope Benedict Resignation

Tonight we discuss Vatican Secrets and the recent resignation of Pope Benedict. Was it because of health reasons that the Pope stepped down, or is the Vatican concealing the real reasons why Pope Benedict has decided to resign? Does his resignation have anything to do with the Prophecy of the Popes? Let’s talk about all things Holy tonight – as we talk about the Vatican, the master of smokescreens! Feb. 14, 2013 Listen Online Radio Show!

Drone War Targeted Assassinations

Title: Drone War Rationale Killing US Citizens in War on Terror

Tonight we will be discussing the rationale and justification of using drone unmanned aircraft vehicles as a method of war, as is used by the United States in the current War on Terror. Are drone strikes ethical and legal? In using uav drones, civilians are threatened and are also killed in drone strikes, creating issues of blowback – retaliation and inciting of hatred and revenge against the U.S. The U.S. government even targets American citizens in drone strikes, like Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born cleric killed in Yemen in 2011 due to involvement in Al-Qaeda. Listen Internet Radio! Feb. 7, 2013

Gnostic Archons Nephilim Giants Fallen Angels

Title: Spiritual Watchers – Ancient Aliens, Annunaki, Reptilians

Join us on this special night as we discuss the concept of the Watchers, spiritual watchers or overseers. Are we talking about angels of God or angels watchers? Who are the Watchers in the spiritual realm? The concept of the Watcher can be found in the Book of Enoch, similar to what is found in the Nag Hammadi library. In the Book of Enoch, the Watchers are fallen angels who fathered the Giants, the Nephilim. As for the Nag Hammadi texts, gnostic authors and scribes of these ancient texts were concerned about alien influence on the affairs of mankind. Online Radio Listen Now! Jan. 31, 2013

5th Dimensional Body Activation Law of One

Title: Physical Ascension and Spiritual Ascension – Ascension of Jesus

Are you a Man or a Beast? Tonight we are talking about preparing for the coming 5th dimensional physical ascension of your body. Call in our online radio show with talk show radio host Saleem Siddiqui! Jan. 24, 2013 Listen Online Radio Show!

True Exorcism, Devil Possession, Signs of Demonic Possession, Deliverance Prayers

Title: What is Exorcism Real Exorcism Stories Demonic Possession

Tonight we are talking about the World of Jinn on our live radio show – the interdimensional beings living in parallel reality with us. In the West, they are known by different names, such as demons, fallen angels, and satan. We will be answering question such as : How can such beings possess humans? What is exorcism, the definition of exorcism – are exorcisms real? Listen Live Radio!. Jan. 17, 2013

Egypt News, News of Syria, Muslim Brotherhood, Palestine Israel Conflict, Gun Control

Title: Chessboard: World News Foreign Policy Middle East Politics

Tonight we are talking about the Chessboard in this news radio show – the pieces and players in the current political chess game in the Middle East. The Chessboard is our way to evaluate international relations and foreign affairs, especially in the Muslim World after the events of the Arab Spring. We will be discussing Egypt and Egypt News, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. Read More & LISTEN NEWS RADIO! Jan. 10 2013

First People, First Nations Myths and Legends Shamanism Animal Totem

Title: Native American Indian Legends & Myth Creation Story Shaman

Tonight we will be discussing the first people, the first nations – Native American Indian tribes and folklore in this online radio show. What are native Indian myths and legends – such as the Creation Story? What about the legend of the ‘trickster’? Another topic of discussion is shamanism and shamans. LISTEN BLOG RADIO! Jan. 3 2013

Jihad – Ancient Battle Between the Dark Side and the Light Side – Spiritual Warfare

Title: What is Spiritual Warfare? Jihad Struggle Between Light and dark.

Tonight we will be discussing the ancient conflict of all time in this radio broadcast – spiritual warfare – the jihad or struggle – between light and dark – demons and angels – jinn, aliens? What is the goal of each? Where will this battle take us and when does it end? Are you entrenched in your own battle of spiritual warfare within yourself? How do you distinguish between right and wrong? What criterion do you judge by and do you feel you are winning or losing the war? We want to hear from you spiritual rainbow warriors! Call in to the show! Dec. 27, 2012 Listen LIVE Radio Show!

Apocalypse End of the World End Time Prophecies

Title: December 21, 2012 Doomsday Prophecy End of the World

Tonight, we will be discussing the auspicious date December 21, 2012. What will happen on this day? Talk to a Muslim online! Should it be a date to dread, or instead, a date to embrace? Will we experience strange, supernatural events that mark the beginning of the End Times? Is the Earth in her final stages of existence?Join us on this special night! Dec.20 2012 Thursday Midnight! Listen On line Radio!!

The Last Days 2012 End of the World

Title: 2012 Mayan Calendar Prediction Prophecies End Times

Tonight we will be discussing the 2012 Mayan Calendar prediction on blog radio. Everyone is asking, “What will happen on this day – December 21, 2012?” It also happens to be the winter solstice, marking equal lengths of day and night – a zero point. According to the Mayan calendar, it is end of a 5,125 year-long-cycle in the history of Earth. Does this mark a cataclysmic event, such as an Earth impact from another planet? Dec.13 2012 Listen Radio on the Internet!!

Comic Books, Heroes, and How You Can Attain Superpowers

Title: Superhero Comics Superhuman Powers Ascended Masters

This on line radio show is about Marvel and DC comic characters describe superheroes with superhuman abilities. These stories give man more than a dream, but hope, that there is more out there than perceived physical limitations. Various cultures mimic comic book legends by passing down mythology of gods and goddesses with supernatural, superhuman abilities. Was the human, son of Adam, created for a higher purpose? Dec.6 2012 Listen Radio Show Online!

Jinn World, Jinn and Magic, Real Jinn Genie

Title: Jinn Djinn Genie UFO Alien Magic Supernatural Paranormal

We will be discussing the interdimensional beings known as the jinn, or djinn in this radio talk show. In the West, they are well-known by the term “genie”, taken from the Arabic word “jinn”. “Jinn” means “hidden” – they are entities that share our world, but are able to live in other dimensions that we cannot perceive. The jinn have been known since the ancient times in the Middle East and many take their existence as very real. In other parts of the world, they may be known by other names and terms, such as shapeshifters, shadow people, aliens, and UFOs. Nov. 29, 2012 Listen RadioOnline!

Spiritual Awakening Lightworkers Rainbow Warriors Twin Flame

Title: Covert Groups Conspiracy Lightworkers

Tonight we will be discussing Dar al-Arqam – that small, original group that was the seed of change. Listen – LIVE Radio! Also, up for discussion is covert groups. Who are they and what is their agenda? How do we act with the knowledge of what is going on in our surroundings? What about the awakening – how does it affect the hidden agendas out there? Who are lightworkers, rainbow warriors? What is twin flame activation? Find out all this and more! Listen and follow our radio shows!Nov. 2012 Listen BLOG RADIO!

Disclosure, Obama, Great White Brotherhood

Title: Disclosure- What do you want to know?

Do you ever wonder about what is going on in the world around us and what direction we are heading in? Do you want to know about: Jinn, Aliens, UFOs, Ascension…let’s talk about the coming changes, especially as December 21, 2012 is swiftly approaching. Listen to radio show host Saleem Siddiqui in this internet radio show! Salam. Peace. Nov. 2012 Listen Live Radio Show!

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